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Providers of professional footcare & chiropodist services to Bridlington

Bridlington Chiropody and Podiatry have been providing high quality chiropodist services to people in Bridlington and the surrounding areas from Carnaby to  Sewerby and Flamborough.



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Footcare for diabetics

We help diabetic patients manage their footcare problems. They use regular checkups and treatment. It’s one less thing to worry about when you are managing your diabeties.

Hardskin Removal. Reduce pain and discomfort.

Hardskin can be painful and if untreated can cause complications. As a qualified chiropodist hardskin removal is a common procedure. We will remove hardskin from heels or the balls of the feet ensuring that the patient is comfortable and free from associated pain and discomfort. We can also recommend some creams or gels to control the problem.